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Wab Kinew, Manitoba’s first First Nations premier, wants to start with a clean slate

Aaron Vincent Elkaim’s photography captured the historic moment when Wab Kinew, the son of an Anishinaabe chief, became the first First Nations premier in Manitoba’s history. Kinew, who had previously struggled with addiction, is now focused on moving the province forward and tackling issues such as reconciliation, carbon taxes, and crime. As a former CBC broadcaster and administrator at the University of Winnipeg, Kinew’s common thread in all his jobs has been his ability to connect with people and listen to their stories. Despite his outspoken nature, Kinew is also learning the importance of moderation in his new role. As the first First Nations premier in Manitoba, Kinew is carrying the weight of this historic moment, but is also making time for his family and personal interests, such as coaching his kids’ hockey teams and taking dance lessons with his wife. One of his first trips after the election was to Cross Lake, where he witnessed the enthusiasm of thousands of children outside schools, cheering and waving for their new premier. 

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