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Tony Robbins’ Aims to Revolutionize Aging with Biohacking

In September 2021, renowned motivational speaker and consultant Tony Robbins, in collaboration with scientist and XPRIZE Foundation chairman Peter Diamandis and CEO Dugal Bain-Kim, embarked on a mission to turn his wealth of experience in biohacking into a groundbreaking startup called LifeForce. The primary objective of Tony Robbins’ venture is to empower individuals to optimize their health as they age.

LifeForce caters to a specific demographic – men and women in their mid-thirties and beyond, with approximately 52% of its user base being male. These are not the typical individuals visiting a primary care doctor for an annual physical checkup. Instead, LifeForce targets health-conscious adults who aspire to comprehend their bodies, take control of their well-being, and extend their quality of life.

The core model of LifeForce is subscription-based. Users pay $349 for initial blood tests and a subsequent $129 monthly membership fee (excluding supplements and additional therapies not covered by insurance), amounting to approximately $1,897 annually.

Bain-Kim envisions that, in the near future, LifeForce’s therapies may be eligible for insurance reimbursement. For now, he emphasizes that, considering the alternatives in the longevity and wellness space, LifeForce remains an affordable choice. Many concierge longevity practices charge a hefty $50,000 to $100,000 annually.

LifeForce’s journey begins with a trained phlebotomist visiting the client’s home to conduct blood tests. These tests measure over 40 biomarkers, offering insights into mental and physical health, including metabolism, nutrients, and hormone balance. Subsequently, a clinical and health coach is assigned to the patient to design a customized treatment plan, often involving a combination of lifestyle adjustments and supplements.

Notably, Dugal Bain-Kim, one of LifeForce’s founders, is a user of the platform. About a year ago, he sought assistance for low energy and immunity concerns. The tests revealed deficiencies in Vitamin D and DHEA, a hormone regulating testosterone and estrogen production. Bain-Kim’s previous physician had overlooked these issues for several years. The significant revelation led him to prioritize addressing these deficiencies, ultimately improving his energy levels.

The biohacking field, however, is not devoid of controversy, and LifeForce itself has faced some scrutiny. In 2021, co-founder Peter Diamandis issued an apology for organizing an event that unintentionally became a superspreader of COVID-19, where unproven therapies were sold. Despite these challenges, the concept of personalized wellness, beyond routine check-ups, is gaining traction. A McKinsey report from April 2021 estimates that the global wellness market is worth $1.5 trillion, with 88% of people expressing a desire for more personalized healthcare.

Incubated at Santa Monica-based venture capital firm M13’s Launchpad studio, LifeForce recently secured a $12 million Series A funding round led by M13 and Peterson Ventures. This financial injection aims to attract new customers and expand their data capabilities.

In a world where some unconventional and unapproved treatments exist, the appeal of personalized healthcare is undeniable. Rising healthcare costs and a complicated system have led to widespread skepticism, with a Gallup poll indicating that less than half of Americans view the healthcare system favorably. To counteract this, LifeForce is focused on reaching everyday individuals and providing accessible solutions to those who are ready for mainstream advancements rather than the extreme fringes of biohacking.

In conclusion, LifeForce represents an innovative approach to health optimization and aging gracefully, blending biohacking techniques with a personalized touch. 

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