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Taylor Adams’ Philanthropic Revolution

taylor adams'

Taylor Adams’ vision for philanthropy injects innovation into charitable acts. Philanthropic strategies now pulse with Adams’ forward-thinking ethos. With Taylor championing community involvement, philanthropic efforts become more inclusive. This revolution redefines philanthropy, shifting it from traditional models to Taylor’s dynamic, participatory approach.

Taylor Adams, a Los Angeles native, discusses his vision for accelerating human progress over a multi-generational timeline. He has combined his experience in philanthropy and venture capital to create Rise Together Ventures, a Santa Barbara-based venture franchise.

Adams’s journey into the tech and VC world began when he founded a real estate development company while completing his undergraduate degree at USC. During his second venture, he raised funds and had conversations with family offices, which sparked the idea of a “blended approach” to venture capital.

This approach involves a combination of fund-of-fund investing and direct investments, allowing for expanded funding to target various areas. Adams believes that governments and nonprofits tend to scale linearly, while for-profit startups have the potential to scale exponentially, making them better suited to address today’s societal problems.

Rise Together Ventures has two pools of capital: a regular venture fund and a donor-advised fund for philanthropic capital. They use a concept called “philanthropic mirroring,” matching an equity investment with an equal amount of philanthropic capital. The philanthropic capital helps gauge how well a company can perform in the philanthropic domain.

Currently, Rise Together is providing funding ranging from $100,000 to $500,000 for both early-stage and late-stage startups. By empowering founders to expand their product market fit into philanthropic domains, Adams envisions a future where for-profit startups can fully embrace their vision for making a positive impact on the world.

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