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Super Tuesday 2020:

Each state contributes votes to this decision, and the main nominees include Bernie Sanders, a left-wing senator from Vermont, and Joe Biden, his rival in Super Tuesday. Sanders had been the favorite since his victory in February.

Sanders aimed to maintain his lead, while Joe Biden hoped for a strong showing to make a case for uniting the centrist wing and ultimately winning the race.

Other candidates in the running include Mike Bloomberg, the former New York mayor, who has invested heavily in campaign ads. Pressure is mounting on Bloomberg to step aside and support Biden. Elizabeth Warren, another candidate, has the potential to unite liberal and centrist factions, but she has been overshadowed by Sanders on the left.

Donald Trump has shown interest in the Democratic race, with critical remarks about Biden and Bloomberg but a somewhat kinder tone toward Sanders.

The Democratic nominee will be determined by the primary outcomes. The primaries continue next week with contests in Michigan, Mississippi, Washington state, and other locations.

As of now, Joe Biden has reclaimed his frontrunner status in the Democratic race, winning at least nine states, including Texas and Massachusetts. However, Bernie Sanders maintains a strong lead in California. The results may signal the end of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign, and Bloomberg is set to discuss the future of his campaign with his advisers on Wednesday.

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