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Star Trek: Lower Decks Returns to Its Roots


The animated series, Star Trek: Lower Decks, returns to its roots, reviving the essence that endeared it to fans. As it revisits its original themes, the show continues to explore the lives of the unsung crewmembers aboard starships. Its return to foundational stories enriches the Star Trek universe, weaving nostalgia with fresh narratives. This return isn’t just a retracing of old steps; it’s a reaffirmation of the show’s core values and its unique, enduring appeal within the storied franchise.

Star Trek: Lower Decks recently aired an episode that pays homage to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Lower Decks.” This episode focuses on four junior crew members and their perspective, exploring their interactions and challenges. The show humorously contrasts the formal Starfleet crew with the rougher aspects of the universe.

The episode reflects on the values of Starfleet officers and their role in a late-capitalist hellscape. It also raises questions about the nobility of Starfleet and the role it plays in the universe.

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