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Saviynt Secures $205M for Expansion


Saviynt secures new paths with $205M, ensuring Saviynt’s strategy aligns with market needs. As demands escalate, Saviynt’s infusion is timely. It guarantees Saviynt’s place in competitive landscapes, enabling innovation and growth. The investment reflects confidence in Saviynt’s potential to lead in its domain, reshaping industry standards.

In a relatively quiet week for funding in Los Angeles, Saviynt, an El Segundo-based security vendor, has managed to secure an impressive $205 million in growth financing. This substantial funding will support the company’s efforts to address the increasing demand for its converged identity platform and accelerate its innovation initiatives.

The funding for Saviynt was provided by AB Private Credit Investors’ Tech Capital Solutions group, underlining the significant interest and confidence in the company’s offerings and market potential.

Saviynt’s converged identity platform is a critical solution for organizations seeking to enhance their security posture, streamline identity and access management, and protect sensitive data from cybersecurity threats. The funds raised will enable Saviynt to continue providing innovative solutions in this critical cybersecurity space.

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