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LA Venture: Technology Crossover Ventures’ David Zhang


In this episode of the LA Venture podcast, David Zhang, a Partner at Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV), shares insights into his investment approach and TCV’s focus on backing technology giants. Here are the key points from this episode of the LA Venture podcast:

TCV’s Investment Approach: TCV is a venture capital firm with a multibillion-dollar fund that invests across various stages, from seed to growth, in technology companies. Zhang emphasizes that TCV often sees going public as just the beginning of their engagement with a company, as they frequently purchase a larger stake when a company goes public.

Long-Term Alignment: Private investing offers a unique long-term alignment between investors and companies, which is a characteristic Zhang appreciates. It fosters strong relationships and compounding benefits over time, in contrast to public market investing.

Expanding into New Markets: TCV has invested in fintech companies like Nubank, a Brazilian digital banking company. Zhang discusses the challenges of replicating successful models in different geographies, emphasizing the need to account for cultural norms, consumer behavior, and regulatory differences.

Role of the Board: Zhang serves on the boards of companies like Nubank and Wealthsimple. He sees the board’s function as supporting the CEO and management team to reach their full potential. TCV aims to be a trusted adviser, providing consistent themes, values, and messages to its portfolio companies.

Qualities of a Trusted Advisor: A good trusted advisor, according to Zhang, should be calm and balanced, providing guidance and support to companies.

Venture Capital’s Significance: Zhang believes that in the world of venture capital, the impact is substantial, and it’s an exciting place to be. He sees a significant shift of value and capital toward venture capital in the future.

David Zhang’s perspective offers valuable insights into TCV’s investment strategy and the evolving landscape of venture capital.

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