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Hong Kong Leads to the Arrest of Thousands and Seizure of Illicit Goods

Hong Kong
The Hong Kong police also successfully seized a range of illegal items during the operation.

The “Thunderbolt 2023” operation was a collaborative effort involving the police forces of Hong Kong, Guangdong, and Macau. It was carried out between June 12 and September 21 with the primary goal of combating the illegal activities of triad societies and organized crime syndicates in Hong Kong. The operation also aimed to neutralize cross-boundary crimes and disrupt the sources of income for criminals, as stated in a release by the Hong Kong police on Wednesday.

Multi-Agency Involvement:

Several key departments in the semi-autonomous city, including the Immigration Department, the Customs and Excise Department, the Fire Services Department, and the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, participated in the operation.

Extensive Raids and Dismantling of Illegal Establishments:

During the operation, approximately 83,000 agents carried out raids at over 3,000 locations, resulting in the dismantling of numerous illegal establishments. These included gambling dens, unlicensed bars, and loan-shark companies, which had been operating outside the boundaries of the law.

Arrests and Seizures:

A total of 4,115 men and 2,285 women, spanning ages from 10 to 85 years, were apprehended on charges related to triad and organized crimes. These charges included offenses like causing injuries, blackmail, possession of weapons, operating illegal gambling establishments, human trafficking for prostitution, and drug trafficking.

The Hong Kong police also successfully seized a range of illegal items during the operation. These included gambling tools, weapons, $US12 million ($19 million) in cash believed to be the proceeds of criminal activities, and dangerous drugs with an estimated worth of over $US 350 million ($547 million). The confiscated drugs included cannabis, ketamine, cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin.

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