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DOJ Tesla Investigation Expands to Include Vehicle Range


The Department of Justice (DOJ) has broadened its investigation into Tesla, focusing on various aspects of the company’s operations. Tesla confirmed in an SEC filing that the DOJ has issued subpoenas for information related to “personal benefits, related parties, vehicle range, and personnel decisions.”

One aspect of this expanded investigation involves testing whether Tesla vehicles achieved the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) range estimates in road tests. Some reports indicate that Tesla vehicles fell short of these estimates, even in warm weather conditions. Tesla has previously faced scrutiny in other countries for not disclosing shorter ranges in colder temperatures. The investigation may address potential discrepancies between claimed range and real-world performance.

The term “related parties” often refers to senior management, company directors, or major shareholders. This aspect of the investigation could involve examining whether company executives or major shareholders received personal benefits related to Tesla’s operations.

It’s important to note that, as of the SEC filing, no government agency involved in ongoing investigations has concluded that any wrongdoing has occurred. Tesla emphasized that the outcomes and impacts of these ongoing investigations are uncertain, and any enforcement action could have material consequences for the company.

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