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Disney to Assume Complete Control of Hulu


Disney has now moved to assume total control over Hulu, after buying out Comcast’s one-third share in the streaming platform. The entertainment titan disclosed its plans to purchase Comcast’s remaining stake in Hulu, with an expected transaction value of around $8.61 billion, subject to final valuation next year. This development follows a 2019 agreement allowing either Disney or Comcast to initiate the sale of Comcast’s interest in Hulu by 2024. Opting to expedite the process, Comcast engaged in earlier negotiations, relinquishing its share to Disney.

Disney’s statement emphasized that this acquisition aligns with its strategic ambitions to enhance its streaming portfolio. Earlier, Disney teased a unified streaming experience, consolidating Disney+ and Hulu offerings into a single platform by late 2023, hinting at its intentions for Hulu’s integration.

Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO, characterized the upcoming integrated streaming solution as a “logical progression” for the company’s consumer-facing services, promising expanded options for advertisers and a richer, more streamlined selection of content for subscribers. Meanwhile, Comcast continues to grow its own streaming footprint with Peacock, offering original programming to its viewers.

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