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Dead Cells: Netflix Version Haunts Its Way to an October Debut

Dead Cells

The game “Dead Cells” is creeping its way onto Netflix, timed perfectly for a Halloween debut. As shadows lengthen and the October chill sets in, this version promises to deliver frightful thrills. Fans eagerly anticipate its release, marking calendars for when they can explore its haunted corridors. Netflix’s adaptation of “Dead Cells” has gamers and horror enthusiasts alike buzzing with excitement. The game’s eerie ambiance is expected to capture the Halloween spirit, making its debut a highly anticipated event this fall season.

Dead Cells: Netflix Edition, a popular roguelike/metroidvania game, is set to release on October 31 as part of Netflix’s “Netflix and Thrills” event. This edition of the game includes all paid DLC packs. It will be available to subscribers with a standard Netflix subscription, allowing them to explore the game without additional costs. The game offers a mix of action platformer gameplay with roguelike elements, making it highly addictive.

Netflix’s “Netflix and Thrills” event also brings the release of a sequel to the indie hit Slayaway Camp and various TV and movie content. This release aligns with Netflix’s effort to expand its gaming offerings and create a more interactive experience for its subscribers.

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