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Coronavirus Latest Updates Worldwide


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact countries across the globe. Here are the latest updates: The United Kingdom has reported a total of 798 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, underscoring the global efforts to contain its spread.

Ukraine is taking measures to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 by closing its borders to foreigners. These measures will come into force in 48 hours and are initially expected to last for two weeks.

Ukrainian citizens or foreigners with residence rights will not be affected by the border closure. Those arriving from high-risk countries may be required to undergo self-isolation for a certain period.

In France, Edouard Philippe, the Prime Minister, announced a similar ban on public gatherings, set to take effect within 48 hours for an initial duration of two weeks.

Six Oxford students have been diagnosed with Coronavirus, leading the University of Oxford to cancel Easter exams.

British Airways (BA) is facing the impact of the pandemic on an unprecedented scale. BA CEO Alex Cruz conveyed the seriousness of the situation to staff, highlighting the potential for job losses, either temporarily or long-term. The company is also in discussions with trade unions. BA will be grounding aircraft in a manner it has never had to before.

The number of Coronavirus cases in Spain has surged to 4,209, with the disease primarily affecting regions such as Madrid, the Basque Country, and La Rioja.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have postponed their spring tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, and Jordan due to the evolving situation with the Coronavirus pandemic.

In the Netherlands, the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases has risen from 614 to 804.

COVID-19’s impact extends to the world of entertainment and sports, with numerous events being postponed, including the Bahrain and Vietnam Grand Prix in Formula 1.

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