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Colleen Wachob’s Entrepreneurial Wellness Journey

Colleen Wachob
Her insights and advice offer valuable lessons for entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the complex world of business while also maintaining their physical and mental health.

In a recent episode of “Behind Her Empire,” Colleen Wachob, the co-founder and co-CEO of mindbodygreen, shared her valuable perspective on managing stress and self-worth as an entrepreneur. She also emphasized the significance of celebrating achievements in the business world. Colleen Wachob and her husband embarked on their entrepreneurial journey in 2009 when they founded mindbodygreen. 

This digital media and lifestyle brand has become a frontrunner in the wellness movement, boasting over 15 million monthly users.

Their mission was to redefine the dialogue around wellness and longevity. Colleen stated, “When we look at wellness and longevity, we believe it’s our responsibility to lead this conversation. We don’t have time for rigid protocols or routines. Whether you’re parents or entrepreneurs, at any life stage, we need to integrate well-being into our lives rather than adding it as a separate entity.”

Before diving into wellness, Colleen spent a decade working for Fortune 500 companies such as Gap, Walmart, and Amazon. Her time at Amazon, characterized by long working hours, took a toll on her health, leading to a life-threatening pulmonary embolism at the age of 32.

Colleen stressed the importance of listening to one’s body, especially for women, as they often need to heed the signs that something is amiss. She expressed her hope that women, in particular, can become better at recognizing the subtle signals from their bodies, preventing catastrophic events.

Her near-death experience prompted her to make significant changes in her life. Her first step was to prioritize her health and mental well-being, which involved regular self-checks, akin to running a business.

Colleen highlighted that as entrepreneurs, it’s essential to apply the same frameworks and principles used in business to one’s personal life. She emphasized that priorities can evolve not only throughout life but even within quarters, underscoring the value of periodically assessing and determining the type of life one wishes to lead. Colleen reminded her audience that life is short, consisting of just 4,000 weeks, and it’s crucial to make the most of them.

Once she aligned with her body and well-being, Colleen and her husband embarked on the mindbodygreen journey. Despite the challenges they anticipated, they remained steadfast in their mission. They had the ability to ignore detractors during the initial stages, even though it took about a year to attract just 100,000 unique monthly visitors.

Colleen’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to deeply understand their purpose, as it serves as a driving force to overcome obstacles. She emphasized the significance of having a mission deeply connected to one’s life’s work and principles. This connection helps endure the ups and downs that come with the entrepreneurial journey.

Colleen acknowledged that launching a company is challenging, but she stressed the importance of celebrating all achievements, regardless of their size. Entrepreneurs often become so preoccupied with the future and potential setbacks that they forget to relish their victories.

She expressed her excitement about celebrating any win or insight, as it fuels momentum and leads to the discovery of new insights. Colleen concluded by encouraging entrepreneurs to enjoy their successes, as these moments can be transformative and contribute to the overall growth of the business.

Colleen Wachob’s journey as an entrepreneur is a testament to the importance of balancing well-being with business success.

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