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CoFoundersLab: Role in Fostering New Entrepreneurs


From the turmoil of layoffs, CoFoundersLab has emerged as a launchpad for opportunity, a place where dismissal becomes the first step toward entrepreneurship. Launchpad stories are becoming common, as many find resilience in CoFoundersLab’s support. This launchpad doesn’t just offer advice; it provides a network, resources, and hope. Those once constrained by corporate roles are now crafting their destinies, thanks to CoFoundersLab’s belief that every ending can be a new launchpad for success.

The tech industry has seen a wave of layoffs in recent times, leading many workers to explore new career paths. Some are choosing to venture into entrepreneurship, and Beverly Hills-based CoFoundersLab is facilitating this transition by connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with eager investors. Here are the key highlights:

CoFoundersLab’s Mission: CoFoundersLab, which was established in 2008 and later acquired by entrepreneurs Steve Lehman and Thom Beers in 2018, serves as a platform that connects founders, offers education, and guides startups toward becoming viable companies.

Adapting to Layoffs: To support those affected by tech layoffs, CoFoundersLab made a strategic move. Instead of the usual $29 monthly membership fee, the platform waived the fee, offering free memberships to tech professionals recently laid off.

Platform Features: The platform provides tools for networking and finding potential co-founders. Members can access an online server for networking, idea sharing, and participate in business development courses and funding workshops. Additionally, CoFoundersLab organizes weekly Zoom pitch meetings where founders can present their ideas to real investors and gain valuable feedback.

Investor Connections: Some investors on CoFoundersLab, including colleagues of Steve Lehman, often choose to back the startups they meet on the platform. The quality of ideas and teams play a crucial role in investor decisions.

Success Stories: Vymedic, a biotechnology company based in Colorado, secured funding through CoFoundersLab and Steve Lehman. The CEO of Vymedic, Cynthia Winning, highlighted the platform’s role in their journey, from learning how to pitch to ultimately raising “seven figures” in funding.

Accelerator Programs: CoFoundersLab also runs accelerators for startups. They are launching a virtual international accelerator program in March, expanding from 10 to 20 participating companies. This program spans sixteen weeks.

Low-Risk Opportunity: CoFoundersLab’s free membership for laid-off tech professionals offers a low-risk way to explore entrepreneurship. Many of these individuals have valuable skills developed at tech giants and can apply their expertise in new ventures.

CoFoundersLab aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs find their footing and transform career setbacks into opportunities for success.

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