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China Faces Second Wave of Covid, Lockdown in Shulan

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A second wave of Covid-19 has hit China, with strict lockdown measures affecting the city of Shulan, which has become the new epicenter of the pandemic. Here are the key details:

Shulan Under Lockdown: The city of Shulan, located in Jilin Province in northeastern China and near the Russian border, has imposed strict lockdown measures. Approximately 700,000 residents in the city are under lockdown, allowing only one person per household to leave for essential shopping. Each person is permitted to leave for a maximum of three hours and not every day.

Stringent Measures: All residential complexes in Shulan are sealed, and entry and exit are only allowed with special permits or in emergencies. Supermarkets in the area are responsible for delivering essential goods directly to residents’ homes. Violations of the lockdown and associated rules will result in severe punishments.

Origin of the Outbreak: The outbreak in Shulan is believed to have started in a group of people who had contact with a woman who tested positive for Covid-19. This woman had not been in contact with the foreign sector or healthcare workers.

National Covid Situation: While China has reported new cases, both with and without symptoms, the situation is relatively under control. There have been six new cases with symptoms and 17 without symptoms in the last 24 hours, with three of the asymptomatic cases in Mongolia. Jilin province is currently the hardest-hit area, but Beijing remains of significant concern, with 39 recent infections.

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