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Capital Boost: Trust & Will and Health Data Vision

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Capital infusion this week was notable, with Trust & Will receiving a remarkable $15M, a testament to investors’ trust. This Capital signifies more than money; it’s a belief in enduring legacies managed online. Concurrently, Health Data Vision’s $14M raise echoes a Capital commitment to healthcare analytics. Trust & Will’s fresh Capital will surely expand their services, while Health Data Vision leverages their funds to interpret complex health data, both enhancing user trust through innovative solutions in their respective sectors.

In this week’s ‘Raises’ news, two Southern California-based companies have secured significant funding to support their growth and development. Here are the key highlights:

Trust & Will: This San Diego-based digital estate planning software company raised $15 million in a Series B funding round led by Amex Ventures. The funding will be used to expand sales and marketing efforts and accelerate product development. Trust & Will is focused on simplifying the estate planning process for individuals.

Health Data Vision: Based in Glendale, this health care company secured $14.3 million in funding, as reported in an SEC filing. Health Data Vision is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions in the healthcare industry.

BlueCargo: Walnut-based freight technology platform BlueCargo raised $11 million in new funding, co-led by Soma Capital and Left Lane Capital. The funds will be used to expand the company’s geographic footprint in North America and hire new talent. BlueCargo specializes in optimizing the movement of cargo at ports.

Abilita Bio: This San Diego-based biotechnology startup received $7.5 million in equity financing from Two Bear Capital. Abilita Bio focuses on advancements in biotechnology.

Orange Comet Inc.: A Los Angeles-based content creation company, Orange Comet Inc., raised $7.2 million in funding, according to an SEC filing. The company is engaged in content creation in various forms.

Radical Semiconductor: Based in Studio City, this hardware security company secured $3.7 million in funding, as reported in an SEC filing. Radical Semiconductor specializes in hardware security solutions.

COMMUNITYx: A Los Angeles-based technology startup, COMMUNITYx, raised a $2 million seed funding round led by Fearless Fund. The company is engaged in the technology space and has secured support for its development.

These funding rounds reflect the diversity and innovation within Southern California’s tech and startup ecosystem, with companies from various sectors securing significant investments to drive their growth.

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